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Giada’s Packing, image via here

Perhaps it’s the control-freak within me speaking, but I love Giada De Laurentiis’ idea of packing each outfit she needs when travelling individually in a zippy bag and even labelling which day she’s going to wear it. What a time saver for when you’re rushed on holiday and don’t want to think about how to pull your look together each day. Unfortunately, I’m trying to fit in so much before we leave for Yorkshire on Saturday, that I’m afraid my packing is going to descend to the shoving-things-into-a-bag-and-hoping-for-the-best method. Here’s a list of a few things I consider as essential packing for the trip though:

1. A stripy top

for a nautical look as I munch fish & chips in Whitby.

2. A good camera

to capture all the beautiful gardens and historical homes we’re planning to visit, not to mention Fountains Abbey’s fabulous deer park.

3. Nail polish

for girly chats in the evenings.

4. Exercise DVDs

so I can work off all of those Betty’s fat rascals I intend to eat. 

5. A copy of Brideshead Revisited

for when we visit Castle Howard. 

I can’t wait! – Miranda 



If I wasn’t going to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, I’d be spending the first few days of my summer holiday at the marvellous sounding Port Eliot Festival. Who wouldn’t want to spend a long weekend in the grounds of a beautiful Cornish stately home, eating delicious food, listening to talks by fascinating people, and generally having a good time? This has to be a definite for next year, though I’ll need to find a campervan (or a hotel), as I don’t do tents! – Rachel


I bought this beautifully designed paperback at the weekend, while in Daunt Books. It contains a selection of the marvellous Sybille Bedford’s travel essays, and I have been absolutely entranced by it since I picked it up to idly flick through in the shop. It’s not often that I buy a book on impulse, but this one was an absolute must buy, and I’m so glad I brought it home. I’m inspired for plenty of future travels, and reminded that I need to read more of Sybille Bedford’s elegant prose. I am so glad that Daunt Books is reviving her work. – Rachel


I am ready for a summer holiday. I am currently imagining myself in Italy, roaming ancient towns, eating pizza and enjoying beautiful views while basking in golden sunshine. In the meantime I am going to re-read The Enchanted April and go and look at some Italian fashion while I wait for the dream to come true! – Rachel


What I love most about Bath is its architecture. Coming into the city by train and seeing it from a distance, all curving softly in a golden snake around its hilly foundations, is remarkable. Walking the streets, so uniform and grandiose, is literally like stepping back in time, and when I spotted this wonderful old painted sign, I really did feel like I was a Georgian. Probably after all of those dances, I could have done with a nice gentle read. – Rachel

10264436_638802330083_6454790596960378556_nOFG at the American Museum in Britain gardens

Rachel and I (plus my mum and another friend called Rachel – I really do know a lot of Rachels!) had a brilliant time in Bath on Saturday. Our friend Rachel had never seen Bath before, and my mum was desperate to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum in Britain, so we decided this was the perfect opportunity for an OFG outing. We had a super time strolling around the city, admiring Bath Abbey, eating delicious food and enjoying some American culture. I’ll be writing more in detail about the trip in upcoming posts. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! – Miranda



Living in the sticks has its benefits; lovely views, fresh air, and plenty of beautiful, historic places to visit. One of my favourite such places nearby is Ightham Mote, where I enjoyed a very sunny afternoon a couple of days ago. Highlights were the bluebell woods that surround the medieval moated manor house, the ceiling in the private chapel that still contains the painted design of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s emblems, and seeing the Victoria Cross won by the son of a previous owner of the house. I feel lucky to have such gems on my doorstep! – Rachel


Two of my good friends are planning moves to New Zealand later this year. I am seriously toying with joining them. At least for a holiday. I’d rather this be my view than the incessant grey skies and driving rain that have greeted me every day for several weeks! – Rachel


One of my resolutions for 2014 is to travel more. I got this wonderful guidebook for Christmas, giving 36 hour itineraries for cities and towns across Europe. Browsing through the pictures and text has given me so many ideas for future holidays, in places I’d never really thought about visiting before. I can’t wait to explore more of the world this year! – Rachel