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I’m really excited about the forthcoming publication of Sarah Waters’ new book, The Paying Guests. The first chapter is currently available to read here, and it certainly gets off to a brilliant start! – Rachel

ps. Whilst Old Fashioned Girls are in Yorkshire, we’re going to be taking a little break from the blog. We’ll see you when we get back!


Hesperus are republishing a lovely trio of classic children’s books with their gorgeous trademark covers just in time for the summer holidays. Whether for the children you love, or for yourself, they’d make a wonderful escapist adventure for these long hot summer days of fun and freedom. I can’t wait to read Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm myself – it sounds delightful! – Rachel


I am having a wonderful time reading Fair Stood the Wind for France at the moment; I have made a concerted effort to read books about the war this centenary year, and this is both atmospheric and haunting in a rather unique way. Unlike any other war book I’ve read, it’s not set in the trenches, but in rural France, where a pilot is taking refuge with a country family, all the while under threat from discovery by the occupying Germans. It’s absolutely fantastic, and perfect for reading in the garden during these lazy summer evenings. – Rachel

little women

I was delighted to receive an email from Hesperus Press letting me know that they’re republishing all of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women novels in a beautiful, matching set of paperbacks. It’s wonderful to have these available for a new generation in a format that looks fresh and inviting to readers more used to vampires than revolutionary era sisters. I’m especially looking forward to reading Little Men and Jo’s Boys, which I never got around to when I was younger. I have some lovely summer reading ahead! – Rachel


I bought this beautifully designed paperback at the weekend, while in Daunt Books. It contains a selection of the marvellous Sybille Bedford’s travel essays, and I have been absolutely entranced by it since I picked it up to idly flick through in the shop. It’s not often that I buy a book on impulse, but this one was an absolute must buy, and I’m so glad I brought it home. I’m inspired for plenty of future travels, and reminded that I need to read more of Sybille Bedford’s elegant prose. I am so glad that Daunt Books is reviving her work. – Rachel


I was delighted to see this week that Penguin has brought back its Pelican imprint of non fiction books; with a range of fascinating titles on all manner of topics, I am looking forward to getting educated in style. Top of my list is Orlando Figes’ introduction to Revolutionary Russia, though I’m also keen to try this one about Economics. I already can’t wait to see what other books are added to the series! – Rachel


This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I’m finding it utterly compelling; so much so, I’m going to bed earlier so that I have more time to read. It’s a fascinating premise, exploring the aftermath of WWI through the eyes of three women in the days leading up to the burial of ‘The Unknown Warrior’. It’s brilliantly written, and brings a forgotten period of time effortlessly to life. I can’t recommend it highly enough – perfect to get lost in on a sunny spring afternoon. – Rachel


Things I am looking forward to this half term:

1. Time to read this amazing book I have been saving for a quiet moment

2. Time to make my favourite cake

3. Time to go to the cinema in the afternoon, and watch this

4. Time to start getting this filled in. That novel isn’t going to write itself!



I have moved with the times and come into possession of a Kindle. As such I have nothing to report but that I have been busy reading. Who knew you could get pretty much everything you ever wanted to read for free, and instantly? I should have joined the technological revolution years ago! I’m currently working my way through the Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes. Then there’s Wilkie Collins’ lesser found novels. Oh, and those Trollopes I’ve been meaning to read but don’t have room for on my shelf. I’ll have to be surgically removed from my Kindle at this rate! – Rachel


What could be a better way to spend an afternoon at this time of year than reading a Wilkie Collins novel by a roaring fire? I’m going to get started on Armadale, though I may also have a re-read of The Woman in White. I can already feel the mist descending! – Rachel