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cq5dam.web.616.462Rachel Khoo, Image via here

As a big fan of all things Rachel Khoo, I was really excited to see she released a new cookbook, Rachel Khoo’s Sweet and Savoury Pates, in July. From tapenade to chocolate spread, she’s got it covered, and I think a jar of any of her spreads would make an excellent hostess gift, as well as being rather good to eat oneself. I can’t wait to try out some recipes! – Miranda

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 10.20.49 AMI’m a big fan of Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen, and so I’m thrilled that her new cookbook is due out this month (on October 10th, to be precise). I can’t wait to flick through the pages of delicious recipes, beautiful shots of France and Rachel’s lovely wardrobe. Also being released is her cookbook, Muesli and Granola, previously only published in French. I’m feeling in need of some ideas for tasty snacks and breakfasts, so, with my birthday fast approaching, I’ll definitely be adding this book to my wish list as well! – Miranda