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cq5dam.web.616.462Rachel Khoo, Image via here

As a big fan of all things Rachel Khoo, I was really excited to see she released a new cookbook, Rachel Khoo’s Sweet and Savoury Pates, in July. From tapenade to chocolate spread, she’s got it covered, and I think a jar of any of her spreads would make an excellent hostess gift, as well as being rather good to eat oneself. I can’t wait to try out some recipes! – Miranda

photo(2)Peanut Butter cookies are definitely one of my favourite memories from a childhood spent in North America. I baked some over the weekend to bring along to a picnic, and I have to say my friends really enjoyed them! This recipe (originally from The Fannie Farmer cookbook) is wonderfully easy and the cookies take barely any time to bake, which is brilliant in this hot weather when you don’t want the oven on too long.

Peanut Butter Cookies:

1/2 c. butter
1/2 c. chunky peanut butter
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 beaten egg
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 c. flour
Combine all ingredients. Mix well. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet. Press down with floured fork in 2 directions. Bake at 350 F (about 175 C)  until lightly browned (usually 7 – 10 minutes – they bake fast so keep an eye on them!).
Enjoy, preferably lounging in a park with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon. – Miranda

10365737_649553614423_6868171859324407460_nOver the weekend, I finally made it to Honey & Co, a restaurant near Warren Street I’ve been dying to try out for ages. The restaurant is incredibly tiny, but serves some of most delicious Middle Eastern food I’ve ever tasted. I came away armed with with a supply of quince jam and spices from their shop, as I’m determined to try recipes from the Honey & Co cookbook over the summer. I’ve already booked to return with Rachel, as I’m sure she’ll love it too!  – Miranda


exterior-660-320-121110Image via here

 Over the weekend, I was thrilled to discover the recently opened Maille shop near Green Park. I love mustard and was awed by the wide selection. It was hard to choose what I wanted! In the end, I went for black truffle mustard which was pumped directly into a beautiful black jar stopped with a cork, as well as their summer collection. The shop is exquisite and well worth a visit, especially if you wish to sample some mustard! – Miranda 

COVER_0I’ve completely fallen for this fabulous new cookbook by Nina Parker. Featuring mouthwatering recipes inspired by her summers in St Tropez and stunning photographs, this is my favourite cookbook of late. Excitingly, Nina is hosting a supper club in London’s Notting Hill on July 17th – I’ve already booked my ticket and can’t wait to try out dishes cooked by Nina herself! For more information on the cookbook, watch this charming video.  Miranda

10374079_644987015923_7157214274577574092_nIf you’re in the mood for a sumptuous afternoon tea in pleasant surroundings, then I can definitely recommend the newly opened On the Roof with Q at Selfridges. The pop up restaurant is a terrific spot for a sunny day, and I thoroughly enjoyed a view over the rooftops of London as I tucked into a delicious afternoon tea. It does get extremely busy so do make sure to book in advance. – Miranda 

PicFrame (1)Rachel and I had a lovely day out in London together on Friday. We met for breakfast at Simpson’s in the Strand, which was really the perfect start to our day. The food was delicious and the beautiful, traditional surroundings made us feel as if we’d stepped backwards in time . Indeed, I feel Simpson’s hasn’t changed a bit since this description in P.G. Wodehouse’s Cocktail Time: [he] had decided to give his custom to Simpson’s in the Strand, being well aware that at no establishment in London are the meals squarer. As he hastened thither, with the picture rising before him of those white-coated carvers wheeling around their massive joints, his mouth watered and a fanatic gleam came into his eyes….It was one of those warm summer days when most people find their thoughts turning to cold salmon and cucumber salad, but what he wanted most was roast beef, smoking hot, with Yorkshire pudding and floury potatoes on the side, followed by something along the lines of roly-poly pudding and Stilton cheese.

I think Rachel and I will certainly be returning for a roast ourselves before too long! – Miranda

62dbc67295589f64fd0bf7a732531f12-bloomsbury_cookbookI’ve been wanting this cookbook for ages, and finally bought it with some Amazon gift vouchers. I’m so glad I did! The cookbook is a work of art, with beautiful paintings by the likes of Vanessa Bell and Dora Carrington. Recipes are inspired by meals the Bloomsbury set ate, as well as ones mentioned in Virginia Woolf’s novels. The book has me yearning for a return trip to Charleston! – Miranda 



The Hinds Head, Bray

It’s a rather cold and rainy start to the half-term here in London. Luckily for me, a lovely friend took me out to the perfect restaurant to forget the dismal weather and eat some truly delicious, warming dishes. The Hinds Head in Bray is a Michelin starred Heston Blumenthal restaurant which serves traditional pub grub turned up quite a few notches. The cosy surroundings (I was delighted by the two roaring fires that greeted us on our arrival) and mouthwatering dishes (whatever you do, you must try the triple cooked chips – oh my!) had this place soaring up to my Top Ten Favourite Restaurants list. I’ve already booked again for Sunday roast to celebrate my mum’s birthday. The train ride out to Windsor and Eton Riverside (plus a taxi or car drive) is well worth the effort and makes a fabulous day out of London.  – Miranda 

mimirhubarb2Photograph by Oddur Thorisson, taken from Manger

In case you don’t know it, this is a truly wonderful food blog. Mimi Thorisson’s delicious recipes and accounts of an idyllic life in the French countryside provide perfect reading material during a stressful week. Very excitingly, Mimi’s book is due out in October. I really can’t wait, but in the meantime back-reading the blog is providing a lot of fun!  – Miranda