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cq5dam.web.616.462Rachel Khoo, Image via here

As a big fan of all things Rachel Khoo, I was really excited to see she released a new cookbook, Rachel Khoo’s Sweet and Savoury Pates, in July. From tapenade to chocolate spread, she’s got it covered, and I think a jar of any of her spreads would make an excellent hostess gift, as well as being rather good to eat oneself. I can’t wait to try out some recipes! – Miranda


This wonderful chocolate and raspberry pavlova is my absolute favourite summer dinner party recipe. It never fails to please and what I love most about it is that even the most clumsy and ineffectual chefs comme moi can hide mistakes by simply piling on extra cream and fruit to cover any dodgy-looking bits. Parfait! – Rachel

COVER_0I’ve completely fallen for this fabulous new cookbook by Nina Parker. Featuring mouthwatering recipes inspired by her summers in St Tropez and stunning photographs, this is my favourite cookbook of late. Excitingly, Nina is hosting a supper club in London’s Notting Hill on July 17th – I’ve already booked my ticket and can’t wait to try out dishes cooked by Nina herself! For more information on the cookbook, watch this charming video.  Miranda


picture credit goes to my sister-in-law Natalie, whose cups turned out far prettier than mine!

Yes! It does exist! I have been hoovering these down over the last few days – they are so super easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. Now I am eating a mainly vegan diet  and making the vast majority of my meals and snacks from scratch, my taste buds have changed and I actually have no desire to eat chocolate bars, ice cream and biscuits any more. However, I still crave sweet things, and so homemade almond butter cups are perfect to satisfy those afternoon munchies. Give them a go! – Rachel


I have been experimenting with eating a vegan and gluten free diet over the past few days, inspired by this website. I feel less sluggish already, and am surprised to find myself not craving my usual guilty pleasures of chocolate digestives. Pictured is one of my lunchboxes for work – a mixture of sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and green beans mixed with lime juice, toasted pine nuts, roasted aubergine and roasted sweet potato wedges with paprika. Delicious! If going the whole hog doesn’t appeal (and it really is easier than it sounds), you have to at least try these brownies. They are amazing! – Rachel

e533a0360a66270fc2881c31bc7b0900My favourite kind of day dreaming is thinking up menus for parties. At the moment, I’m enjoying planning dinners and teas I want to give over the summer, when I’ll have a bit more time for entertaining. The latest Mary Berry cookbook (which is really fabulous, as is the accompanying TV series) has me yearning for classic English tea time treats. Her whole lemon cake sounds amazing and would look splendid on this lovely cake stand from The Hambledon – surely the perfect centrepiece for an afternoon tea party?  – Miranda


9781845337841As today marks the start of Lent, I thought it rather appropriate to share my favourite new cookbook: A Change of Appetite, Diana Henry’s take on lighter, healthier eating. Although I don’t usually observe Lent and don’t intend to give anything up this year, I’ve been naturally turning away from stodgier dishes lately and feel that incorporating lighter, fresher ingredients in my meals will do me good. Diana Henry’s cookbook provides the ultimate inspiration for delicious, but healthy dishes. She includes a wide-range of recipes inspired by Japanese cooking, as well as tasty looking salads and soups (how good does nectarine, tomato, basil and torn mozzarella salad sound?! Oh for summer!). The recipes are divided by seasons – always a nice touch, I think. If only I had more time to spend in the kitchen! – Miranda 

chloe_cheese_k_kale_largeOne of my January resolutions is to eat more healthily, and I think this Chloe Cheese print would prove a fabulous daily reminder to keep on track. Over the weekend, I will be cooking these butternut squash and kale quesadillas. I adore The Pioneer Woman and received both of her cookbooks for Christmas so I can’t wait to try out some of her recipes (although, not being a Cow Girl, I may have to cut down on the amount of cream she often uses!). – Miranda