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It has started again! Tonight’s episode was just as heartwarming as usual, but I have to say, I don’t understand the vogue for cakes in miniature. Who wants to eat a tiny cake? If I’m eating cake, I’m eating cake; don’t tease me with a mere mouthful! I did pick up some interesting ideas for cake recipes I might try this summer, though; lemon and blueberry sponge, raspberry and almond sponge, and battenberg, which I have never attempted. Now I actually have some time to experiment in the kitchen, I might just have a go! – Rachel


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I am looking to experiment with some gluten and dairy free cakes, recipes for which seem very hard to find! Does anyone have any recommendations for recipes or recipe books? I need to satisfy my sweet tooth! – Rachel

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I’m planning some baking over the holidays, and the nicer weather turns my mind towards picnics in Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. Could there be a prettier way to transport a homemade cake than these rather appropriate Kew Gardens underground station poster tins? I pounced on them when I saw them in Waterstones and look forward to putting them to good use! – Miranda 


I have been experimenting with eating a vegan and gluten free diet over the past few days, inspired by this website. I feel less sluggish already, and am surprised to find myself not craving my usual guilty pleasures of chocolate digestives. Pictured is one of my lunchboxes for work – a mixture of sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and green beans mixed with lime juice, toasted pine nuts, roasted aubergine and roasted sweet potato wedges with paprika. Delicious! If going the whole hog doesn’t appeal (and it really is easier than it sounds), you have to at least try these brownies. They are amazing! – Rachel

Ravilious talkTea in the Garden, Eric Ravilious

My Mum treated me to a wonderful night at the ballet last night, and as a thank you (and also in celebration of National Afternoon Tea Week), I thought I would whip up a cream tea this afternoon. Baking the perfect scone can be surprisingly difficult, but this recipe always stands me in good stead. Somehow the addition of greek yoghurt makes all the difference! – Miranda