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Old Fashioned Girls are Rachel and Miranda. They are great friends as they appreciate the same things: good books, vibrant cities, afternoon tea, handwritten letters, stylish clothes, black and white films and marzipan. You are much more likely to find them curled up at home with some knitting than heading for the trendiest club (although they do sometimes get their dancing shoes on).

Old Fashioned Girls was started as a means to share some of Rachel and Miranda’s favourite moments: snippets of their lives through photographs; artists they adore; favourite London haunts; upcoming exhibitions and theatre etc etc. A picture from either Old Fashioned Girl is posted every week day. The posts are chosen to offer a quiet moment of beauty or reflection in the rush of modern life.

Rachel and Miranda plan big things for Old Fashioned Girls and are currently working on creating a Quarterly publication, so watch this space!

If you wish to hear more from Old Fashioned Girls, Rachel blogs brilliantly about books and many other interests at Book Snob. Miranda blogs less brilliantly and far more intermittently at Miranda’s Notebook. You can also follow Old Fashioned Girls on facebook.

Please feel free to get in touch at: theoldfashionedgirlsATgmailDOTcom