PicFrame (1)Rachel and I had a lovely day out in London together on Friday. We met for breakfast at Simpson’s in the Strand, which was really the perfect start to our day. The food was delicious and the beautiful, traditional surroundings made us feel as if we’d stepped backwards in time . Indeed, I feel Simpson’s hasn’t changed a bit since this description in P.G. Wodehouse’s Cocktail Time: [he] had decided to give his custom to Simpson’s in the Strand, being well aware that at no establishment in London are the meals squarer. As he hastened thither, with the picture rising before him of those white-coated carvers wheeling around their massive joints, his mouth watered and a fanatic gleam came into his eyes….It was one of those warm summer days when most people find their thoughts turning to cold salmon and cucumber salad, but what he wanted most was roast beef, smoking hot, with Yorkshire pudding and floury potatoes on the side, followed by something along the lines of roly-poly pudding and Stilton cheese.

I think Rachel and I will certainly be returning for a roast ourselves before too long! – Miranda