Miranda is kick starting the new year with exercise. I am not, for I am lazy. My healthy new year is all about being more careful about what I put on my skin. My face starts to fall off at this time of year and I become a red and flaky mess thanks to the cold, wind and central heating. I have tried millions of products over the years, spending a fortune on fancy face creams that do nothing and just make my skin more irritated thanks to the chemical ingredients. A google search brought me to Dr Bronner’s, and I am now a convert. The soaps and lotions are all 100% organic and contain the absolute minimum of ingredients, all of which are genuinely natural with no chemicals whatsoever. The products come in beautiful packages, are very reasonably priced, and go a very long way. My skin is starting to come back to life and I couldn’t be happier. Plus the orange-ginger lip balm tastes amazing! – Rachel