V&A julepostkort1With the start of December, the Christmas countdown has well and truly begun. As well as festive-fueled joy, this thought can strike panic in the hearts of many (mine included). Juggling all the Christmas parties, Secret Santa shopping (what on earth are you supposed to get for £5 these days?!), gift buying, decorating and cooking is challenging to say the least. If, like me, you approach department stores this time of year with mortal dread and are a bit stuck as to gift ideas, then I hope you find these suggestions for edible homemade gifts useful. I’m always surprised by how thrilled people are to get something home made, and it’s amazing how far a mason jar and some ribbon can go in prettifying your efforts. Here are my favourite ideas for treats to include in a homemade Christmas hamper (or for great stocking fillers):

1. Parmesan shortbreads. Very yummy, highly addictive and extremely easy to make.

2. Chocolate bark. You can really play around with the toppings for this. White chocolate with cranberries and pistachio nuts looks so festive.

3. Christmas chutney. Great to use with leftover cold meats.

4. Granola. Provides a bit of a healthy counter balance to all the Christmas food and drink.

5. Roasted rosemary nuts. These are great for your Grandfather / Uncle / Father for whom you cannot possibly buy socks again.

 – Miranda