Robert Walker Macbeth, In the Apple Cider Orchard (1890)

One of the pleasures of living in the countryside is that you really get to witness the seasons and what comes into its own at certain times of year. I remember rejoicing as I watched the hedgerows blossom with beautiful white Queen Anne’s Lace as the long winter finally melted into a glorious summer, and now I have been watching as the lush greenery fades into russet as the autumn begins to take its hold. In a particular nod to the changing of the season, the apple tree in my garden has grown heavier and heavier over the past few days, its leaves beginning to turn golden as its crop ripens. The driveway is littered with apples; not the type you can eat, sadly, but certainly fine for cooking. As such, I have been busy in the kitchen. Apple cake, anyone? – Rachel