Rory-gilmore-girls-34245513-1024-768I recently read this fun article which got me thinking about which TV characters I would like to be friends with in real life (if, you know, they were actually real people….).

1. Rory (Gilmore Girls) tops the list: she’d have great book recommendations and would still be up for frivolous activities like shopping and painting our nails. Definitely BFF material.

2.  Monica (Friends) would be a great addition to any friend circle. For one thing, you’d always have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving!

3. Alicia (The Good Wife) would always be someone to count on splitting a nice bottle of red wine.

4. Veronica (Veronica Mars) would be invaluable to have around in any crisis.

5. Joan (Elementary) is clearly extremely loyal and has pretty good connections should you ever find yourself in need of a private investigator (and Veronica was busy).

Who would you choose?

– Miranda