The Tate, which has always been my favourite gallery despite being stuck out on a bit of a limb in Pimlico and being just a teensy bit dated, has recently had a rehang. It’s amazing what a bit of rejigging can do. The depressingly corporate sponsor-ified name ‘BP Walk Through British Art’ doesn’t initially promise much, but actually, what has been achieved is magnificent. With paintings grouped together by date in a series of chronological galleries, you really can see the development of taste, technique and influence as the decades pass. It’s an enlightening experience. Paintings I’d never noticed before jumped out at me within their new settings. This one was particularly arresting, and surprised me by its beauty. I normally dislike 18th century paintings; all that ridiculous hair and anaemic faces, but this one is gorgeous, and rather impressionistĀ in style. Surprises like this are littered throughout these new galleries; as soon as you can, you must go. And, if you really can’t, the new website is very informative! – Rachel