photo (6)Yesterday, I paid a trip to the Foundling Museum with a friend who had told me about their latest exhibition, Exchange. Ceramic artist Clare Twomey has created over 1,000 cups (and their matching saucers), each inscribed with a particular good deed, and displayed on 4 long tables within the museum. Everyday, the Foundling Museum randomly assigns tokens to some visitors, and if you’re lucky enough to receive a token, you are entitled to choose a cup to take home, on condition that you fulfill the good deed described on the cup. You do not know what your good deed will be before choosing your cup, as the inscription is hidden on the base, and, although you can refuse to accept the deed and return the cup, you cannot pick again. The matching saucers are left behind as part of the display and to give some indication of the type of good deeds others have undertaken.

My friend and I were lucky enough to each receive a token, although we were both somewhat anxious as to what our good deeds would be. The ones on display ranged from very easy (smile at a stranger), to incredibly challenging (foster a child!). Fortunately, we both received deeds we could fulfill, mine being to send a card to someone I thought was missing home. My cup is now sitting on my shelf and serves as a happy reminder, not only to be a little kinder, but of a lovely morning spent in leafy Brunswick Square. If you fancy a trip to the Foundling Museum and would like to have a chance at getting a cup, then make sure to go in the morning, when tokens are given out (the exchange of cups for good deeds takes place at 12.30). Afterwards, you can have lunch at Bea’s of Bloomsbury and pop into Persephone Books– Miranda