On Thursday, I’ll be jetting off to New York for two weeks to catch up with some old friends and reacquaint myself with my old haunts. So, while I’m away, I’m going to be showing you some glimpses of my favourite places in the city. Today I’ll start off with Madison Square Park, which is a little patch of green just in front of the Flat Iron Building on 23rd and 5th. Hidden beneath the trees is the city’s first ever Shake Shack, which lights up the sky with twinkle lights as the evening falls and crowds of New Yorkers snake through the park to queue up for their dinner. I have many happy memories of sitting in the park, putting the world to rights over a burger. And now I can do the same in Covent Garden! (ps. – if you need the loo after your Shake Shack – Eataly, an amazing Italian restaurant/market all under one roof – try their gelato! – has great public toilets, and it’s just across the street!)  – Rachel