photo (5)Cake from Bachmanns

I’m not going abroad this summer, but I can’t really say I mind as I’m always excited to spend time in my favourite city of the world, London. This weekend, I kept close to home and went exploring around Kingston and Richmond. I felt wonderfully cosmopolitan as I picked up bread and cold cuts from the excellent Italian deli just around the corner from my house; bought incredibly delicious cake and Zopf from the amazing Bachmanns (which looks like it belongs on the streets of Geneva); stopped by the charming German deli, Hansel and Pretzel (close to Ham House, which I hope to visit next weekend) and finally ate green tea ice-cream at William Curley before taking a gentle stroll along the Thames. It’s amazing what you can discover on your own doorstep! Thank you, London – you never cease to surprise me. – Miranda¬†