Lady RoseHaving constantly moved whilst growing up, my possessions are dispersed between Long Island and Dorset, and sadly, I have gone for years without seeing most of my book collection. Recent circumstances, however, have meant that my Mum has been clearing out the attic in Dorset where some of my books are stored. I was thrilled to discover a first edition of Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary, signed by Ruby Ferguson, amongst the numerous boxes. I had completely forgotten that I owned this, as I must have bought it as a teenager whilst still living in France. I had adored Ruby Ferguson’s Jill pony books as a child, and had clearly seized the opportunity to buy a book signed by her, knowing nothing about her novels for adults. Who would have thought that, years later, I would read it whilst working for Persephone Books, who republished it as their 53rd book, and end up recommending it avidly to Rachel? Life can certainly take some interesting twists! Anyway, I am overjoyed to be reunited with this forgotten treasure and can now appreciate it all the more. On a related note, Jane Badger has written some fascinating pieces on the real Ruby Ferguson. Do have a look!  – Miranda