apple blossomApple Blossom, Fenton House Orchard

I love spring and wish I had the time at the moment to truly revel in the beautiful flowers and blossom that seem suddenly to have appeared overnight. One of my favourite places to visit in the spring is Fenton House which has a glorious orchard and garden that are a delight to visit. I took this photo last year, and it always reminds me of my very favourite childhood books, the Betsy-Tacy series. The want-to-be writer Betsy gets into an argument with her disapproving high-school English teacher as to the colour of apple blossom described in her stories, and her future flame, the aloof but fascinating Joe Willard, comes to her rescue:

“Rosy apple blossoms! Rosy apple blossoms! Whoever heard of rosy apple blossoms? Apple blossoms, my dear young lady, aren’t pink. They are white.”

Betsy’s blushes receded. She turned, in fact, a little pale.

“I think they are pink, Mr Gaston….. It’s the under part of the petals, ” Betsy said falteringly. “They’re pinkish, sort of.”

“Pinkish, sort of!” Mr Gaston mocked…..”if you were a little younger, I’d ask you to write a hundred times, ‘Apple blossoms are white.'”

Joe Willard turned from his study of the trees beyond the window and raised his hand.

“It is my opinion, Sir, that apple blossoms are pink.”

Mr Gaston was silent, stunned.ย 

“Pinkish, rather,” Joe continued. “I think Betsy’s word ‘rosy’ is excellent. They’re colored just enough to make the effect rosy.”

I think my photo proves Betsy quite correct: apple blossoms are most definitely ‘rosy.’ – Mirandaย