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Watching Paul Hollywood’s Bread yesterday evening, I found myself salivating at the loaves of crisp, pillowy bread being paraded in front of my eyes. I adore bread, but have never been brave enough to bake a loaf myself. There is a mysticism surrounding it that I find off putting; there seems to be so many tricks to the trade that I am terrified of going wrong. What if I over knead? What if my dough is too heavy? What if I don’t let it rise for long enough? There are just too many hurdles to overcome. But now I have been seduced by sourdough. Apparently all I need to do is fill a jam jar with grapes and flour and let it sit on the windowsill for a few days, and I’ve got a lifetime of gorgeous loaves to look forward to. Is this really true? Please, come and give me your bread making wisdom! – Rachel