renoir-theatre-la-premiere-sortie-NG3859-fm‘At the Theatre:’ one of many stunning Renoir paintings available to view (completely free!) at the National Gallery

Last week, I spent a fantastic 5 days on placement at the National Gallery as part of their Initial Teacher Education programme. The week was hugely inspiring in many different ways, but importantly it made me realise that I have been taking a lot of London for granted. There are so many wonderful permanent collections, as well as special exhibitions, that are available to the public for free, and I feel I do not take advantage enough of these. I used to go to the National Gallery a lot as a student at SOAS, but fell out of the habit years ago. It’s also been far too long since I visited one of my favourite old haunts – the British Library. As a lover of Agatha Christie and co, this free exhibition looks perfect to me. I’ll make the effort to stop by over the Easter holidays.  – Miranda