Easter is a few weeks away and I’m excitedly planning a little break in Scotland. Fresh air, breathtaking scenery and centuries of history to enjoy; what’s not to adore? My love affair with Scotland began many years ago through watching the much missed Sunday evening drama series Monarch of the Glen (if you’ve never seen it, order the box set now – you have weeks of viewing pleasure ahead!). The romance of a grey stone turreted castle nestled within a stunningly beautiful landscape was like a fairytale for the likes of me, whose living room had only a view of a bus stop. I’ve been to Scotland twice and been in raptures both times; I’m very much looking forward to going back, especially as I’ve just read the wonderful Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary, whose setting is very Monarch of the Glen-esque, and has had me hankering for lochs and mountains and acres of heather. My dream is to one day possess a Scottish castle of my own, with a library and stag’s antlers and real fires and tartan curtains. Watch this space! – Rachel