No week of York posts can be complete without discussing food! Fat rascals are a delectable traditional Yorkshire treat that are basically big scones with spices and orange peel mixed into the dough. I first tasted one when I visited the Betty’s tea room in beautiful Harrogate last year, as my inner five year old couldn’t resist ordering something with a naughty name. I was so overwhelmed with the deliciousness that I ordered another as soon as I’d finished my first! Nothing is more comforting than a cup of a tea and a warm, buttered fat rascal, and I would quite happily scoff one every afternoon of my life if I was in closer proximity to a Betty’s tea room. Thankfully, fat rascals are not overly complicated to make, though apparently Betty’s fat rascals have a secret ingredient so their exact taste can never be truly replicated at home. I have found a very good recipe here if you want to have a go at making a batch, or if you’re lazy like me, you can order them direct from Betty’s. While you’re there, order some of the delicious tea too, and treat yourself to the real Betty’s experience! – Rachel