Mark Hearld moving out of his old home, Image © Joanna Petrie, via here

I had been looking forward to Mark Hearld’s tour and talk at his and Emily Sutton’s house for weeks. I am a huge fan of both artists’ work and had been over the moon when my mum presented me with two tickets to York and our names on the guest list. I knew this would be the perfect Old Fashioned Girls trip, and indeed it was. I think Rachel and I could get used to touring picturesque British cities, rocking up on the doorstep of local artists and expecting a tour. How fun would that be?! It would take a lot to top Mark and Emily’s incredible home though. A four storey mansion crammed full of amazing artwork, vintage china and curiosities, the Hearld-Sutton household is a piece of art in itself. On first walking into the building, my initial impression was one of colour: bright paper garlands hung across the ceiling; gorgeous prints by Angie Lewin, Jonny Hannah, Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton were hung on walls, draped across chairs and propped against walls and vases of hyacinths and tulips jostled for space amongst handmade postcards from the likes of Ed Kluz on the beautiful wood dressing tables. During his talk, Mark mentioned that he is becoming increasingly excited and fascinated by colour, and this is reflected throughout the house. I found the experience incredibly inspiring, and it has caused me to look at my own home in new ways. I think my very favourite thing that Mark said was ‘if you take one thing from today, it’s go home and break all your ugly mugs!’ How true – life is too short to fill it with ugly things. Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton will be exhibiting their work at their home on April 12-14 as part of York Open Studios – do go if you’re in the area (I so wish I could!). For those who live too far away, here is an excellent video of Mark discussing his work.   – Miranda