Image is of an Emily Sutton lithograph, available from Hornsey’s gallery

Yesterday, Miranda and I had the great fortune of being able to see the house and studios of the artists Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton, whose quirky work is inspired by some of my favourite midcentury artists; Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden and John Piper. Their home is incredibly eclectic, and filled with all sorts of things that most people would consider junk – broken mugs, paper chains, postcards, old books…the list is endless. However, the way they have arranged it, pulling together displays of seemingly random and disparate objects into mini collections, looks absolutely fabulous. It was like exploring a treasure trove, and was a unique insight into the interests, passions and inspirations of two incredibly creative people. As someone who is a bit of a magpie, I’ve been collecting random bits and bobs for my future house for years, but recently I’ve stopped because the prospect of living in a place of my own seems so far off. However, I was so inspired by viewing this wonderful home yesterday that I’ve decided to start gathering again.  When I do move into my own home one day, I want to be able to create an inspiring environment that reflects my life and my experiences. This doesn’t happen overnight, and picking out special and lovely things now means that when I do have my own space, it won’t only be filled with beautiful objects, but beautiful memories, too. So, I am giving myself permission to buy random tat from charity shops again, and I will rejoice in doing so! But I will have to find a good hiding place for them, because my mum will not be happy… – Rachel