Yesterday we Old Fashioned Girls had a little trip to London to go and see this wonderful exhibition of decorative murals at the Fine Art Society. We are not normally the type to walk into a rather intimidating gallery located on one of the most expensive shopping streets in London, but we took strength in numbers. We were both very glad that we did; having a particular interest in mid century art, we were in for a real treat. We were amazed at the breathtaking beauty of a colossal, brightly coloured mural by Edward Bawden, and were particularly struck by the subversive charm of Mary Adshead‘s English Holiday murals (she has become a new favourite). If you do go along, don’t miss the second part of the exhibition at another gallery down the road; there is a huge mural by John Piper created for the Festival of Britain, and it’s incredible. Unfortunately, so were the price tags of most of the artwork; I wanted to take the Edward Bawden home, but £125,000 is a little outside of my current budget for home decoration. Oh, well. There is a reasonably priced book, I suppose. – Rachel