Everyone’s talking about Pride and Prejudice‘s 200th anniversary this week, and rightly so. However, what has surprised me during the course of many an Austen themed conversation over the years is that while many people are keen to express a love of Pride and Prejudice, what they really mean is that they love the TV adaptation, not the book. Without Andrew Davies deciding to create a TV series involving brooding men in breeches and a lake, I wonder whether Pride and Prejudice would enjoy the overwhelming popularity it has today. It’s the whole world that people seem to adore; the country homes, the muslin dresses, the bonnets and the afternoon tea. Ironically much of this ‘period detail’ is entirely absent from the novels themselves, and has largely been superimposed by generations of film makers. Even so, it does help us to imagine the world our favourite characters inhabited, and this wonderful blog post from my former workplace, the V&A, talks you through just what Lizzy and Darcy would have been wearing using some beautiful original fashion plates. Enjoy! – Rachel