russian girls

This Old Fashioned Girl may be English through and through, but I have had a deep fascination with Russia since my teenage obsession with the conspiracy theories surrounding Grand Duchess Anastasia (if you want a very good insight into a delusional mind, read this). Russia is a deeply romantic and mystical country; its turbulent history and the immense range of its cultural diversity thanks to the vastness of its borders is surely unrivalled. When I was 17, I had the chance to visit, and I took the Trans-Siberian railway between Moscow and St Petersburg one snowy February evening. I will never forget watching the night fall as we raced through the snow bound landscape, the only sign of life outside being the occasional shimmer of an onion dome in the distant darkness. Yesterday I was sent these breathtaking images of pre war Russia, taken in colour. They are a priceless glimpse into a lost way of life, and have rekindled my desire to read more about this awe inspiring nation. – Rachel